We help customers improve their sustainability performance through higher productivity, better quality products, reduced energy use, and lower emissions.

Green plantFrom our leading position supplying hydrogen to refineries to make low-sulfur, cleaner burning fuels; to large-scale oxygen systems for solid fuel combustion and oil or clean coal gasification; to complete fueling infrastructure from supply to dispensing, we continue to invest in research and development (R&D) to develop products and processes that contribute to cleaner air and GHG mitigation.

In 2018, over half of our total R&D budget of $65 million was spent on products and processes that reduce GHGs and address other sustainability issues. Our gases, equipment and applications expertise enable our customers in dozens of industries to improve sustainability performance by improving productivity, producing better quality products, reducing energy use and lowering emissions. Air Products estimates that the potential emissions avoided by industrial gas customers for these products and applications totaled 55 million metric tons of CO2e in 2018.