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Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Services for Glass and Frit Production

Evaluate and investigate ways to increase productivity and reduce costs

In today’s competitive environment, glass manufacturers look for ways to increase yields and profits, improve product quality, and achieve overall process optimization. That’s a difficult task. The trial and error approach to operational changes subjects the production process to great risk and costly mistakes. Air Products’ proven modeling consulting services allow you to evaluate and investigate ways to increase productivity and cut costs without this risk. Our modeling studies provide you with quick, validated results and recommendations.

Air Products Glass Modeling Capabilities Cover a Range of Applications.

Combustion Space Modeling

  • Useful for displaying flows, temperatures and species concentrations for various furnace configurations
  • Helps determine the appropriate number, size and position of burners, as well as the best fuel distribution to achieve optimal furnace efficiency

Glass Melt Modeling

  • Evaluates changes in furnace design and operating parameters
  • Can help to understand the melting operation by providing glass flow and temperature fields, residence time distribution, melting and fining indices, glass redox concentrations and particle tracking

Once the model is complete, the Air Products team interprets the results and makes recommendations.

Take the first step toward a productive process.

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