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Temporary Gas Solutions

Safe, Reliable and Fast Short-Term Gas Supply--Where and When You Need It

When a need for short-term or emergency industrial gas supply occurs—particularly during start-ups, peak demand periods, planned or unplanned maintenance activities, and plant or pipeline turnarounds—you need help quickly to remain online and productive. For over 40 years, customers have come to rely on our Air Products Express Services (APEX) for safe, reliable and fast temporary hydrogen and nitrogen supply. We can also supply argon, oxygen and helium to meet your spot requirements.

Let our experienced team help you with:

  • Purging, inerting and product displacement
  • Accelerated reactor cooldowns to shorten turnarounds
  • Drying and hot stripping
  • Pressure testing and plant commissioning
  • Operating key process units during a turnaround with temporary hydrogen supply
  • Pipeline displacement

APEX Services Overview

APEX Services is a solution-oriented service and supply chain business dedicated to meeting your short-term industrial gas or liquid supply needs for hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and helium.

Contact APEX Services for temporary and emergency gas solutions.

1-800-APEX-GAS (USA, available 24/7); +44 (0) 800 389 0202 (Europe); +65 6494 2240 (Asia); +65 6853 6800 (Asia - emergency number)

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