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NitroFAS® INCS Technology

The Intelligent Nitrogen Control System (INCS) can lower the cost of ownership in reflow soldering

Backed by the technical and research staff at Air Products’ Advanced Technology Centers, our global applications team investigates current technologies in conjunction with the future assembly and packaging processes that are being developed to accommodate the new generation of integrated circuits. Through these efforts, we are able to combine the latest technological developments with hands-on process knowledge to help you reduce cost, improve process control and enhance quality.

​The NitroFAS® INCS technology can help you:

  • Monitor oxygen level and automatically control N₂ flow of reflow soldering by a closed loop system
  • Achieve greater consistency of O₂ ppm level – less fluctuation of O₂
  • Minimize total N₂ consumption while ensuring customer process and quality


Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.


Utile comme gaz, pour ses propriétés inertes, et comme liquide pour le refroidissement et la surgélation. Pratiquement n'importe quelle industrie peut tirer parti de ses propriétés uniques pour améliorer les rendements, optimiser les performances et rendre les opérations plus sûres.

Ask the Expert

“Is there a way to decrease and control the amount of O₂ in my reflow furnace?”
Air Products has developed a cost effective retrofit system that can monitor the O₂ ppm levels in the reflow zone and adjust the nitrogen flow rate to maintain the oxygen levels in your process.  Our Intelligent Nitrogen Control System (INCS) was developed to maintain a steady state of gas flow with the ability to automatically either increase or decrease the gas flow to achieve the proper oxygen levels, provide process control, and improve quality.  Overall, with INCS, it is possible to lower your gas costs and improve your productivity.

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