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Robert Tikovsky
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Robert Tikovsky

Vice President, Process Gases Product Line

Robert Tikovsky is vice president of the process gases product line at Air Products. He has global responsibility for new business engineering for gasification, HyCO, helium, CO2, liquid hydrogen and cryogenic hydrocarbons.

Mr. Tikovsky joined Air Products in 2019 as executive director of the process gases product line. Prior to joining Air Products, Mr. Tikovsky was vice president of Linde Engineering’s global hydrogen and syngas plants product line, where he was responsible for business development and sales, conceptual design, and product management. From 2005-2014 he was managing director of Linde Engineering subsidiaries in Italy and Germany. Mr. Tikovsky also spent 12 years in project management roles for HyCo and gasification engineering, procurement and construction projects globally.

Mr. Tikovsky holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Technical University in Munich (Germany).