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Air Products France Celebrates 100 Years

In September 1919, the Société des Gaz Industriels du Midi was founded in Marseille and it was at this time that the story of Air Products in France began. Our industrial activity has been dedicated for 100 years to understanding the needs of our customers and ensuring the security of our partners.

Christophe Buisine

Directeur général, France

Our products and solutions promote the performance and innovation of more than 30 industrial sectors. We are helping to shape the French industrial fabric every day.

Air Products started its activity in France in 1979 with the acquisition of a helium and industrial gas site as well as an air gas production plant bought from Shell.

Air Products SAS was created in 1990 from the merger of the companies Prodair and L'Oxygène Liquid, already 100% owned by the Group. It is today the 3rd French producer of air gases with more than 15% of national production.

It employs over 300 people and has:

The main activity sectors served in France are: the food industry, the automobile industry, chemicals, petrochemicals and refineries, laboratory gases; the hospital and pharmaceutical sectors, the production and working of metals and glass…