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Supporting Customers in Critical Industries

Air Products' reliable gas supply, innovative technology, and industry experts routinely support numerous industries, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have remained focused on delivering the exceptional products and services that our customers expect. We're proud to supply vital gases and technology to a variety of companies working toward solving the challenges of the pandemic.

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May 8, 2020 - At the end of April, our team in Gent, Belgium, completed a 10-day turnaround of the Gent ASU2 for essential maintenance. It was the first European shutdown of a large ASU since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and was a complex undertaking, involving confined space entry, working in small areas and potentially close together. The impact of COVID-19 was felt throughout the process, right from ordering materials in early 2020. The normal molecular sieve supplier in China was already in lockdown, and unable to accept orders. A European alternative was found but was based in Italy, which soon experienced its own lockdown measures. Similarly, the approximately 1,400 new screen nozzles required were fabricated in France, also under a strict lockdown. Work by both the local team and Procurement was vital in getting them on time, with the final batch arriving the evening before they needed to be installed. The teams involved did an excellent job in preparing a very detailed COVID-19 safety plan. The focus was on maintaining physical distancing at all times, good hygiene and appropriate personal protective measures. To help separate and protect employees and contractors, different colored high-visibility jackets were issued, each printed with a reminder to maintain distance. P2 face masks were provided for all personnel on site and worn at all times. Each group of contractors had separate break facilities, outside hand wash stations were installed, and extra cleaning and disinfection done frequently. This plan satisfied the Belgian authorities, and the inspector who visited the first day of the shutdown was pleased, with no negative remarks. And all the hard work resulted in successful on time completion of the work with zero incidents or accidents.

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