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Well Completions

Nitrogen for coil tubing, jetting, snubbing, and other oilfield applications

With increasing drilling activity for unconventional oil and gas resources, particularly in shale plays, the demand for high-volume nitrogen supply is growing. Strategically located production facilities, coupled with an extensive fleet of tankers and a dedicated customer service team, enable Air Products to offer a responsive, reliable source of the nitrogen you need for fracturing, coil tubing, jetting, snubbing, and other oilfield applications.

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Fast, flexible supply to meet high-volume nitrogen demand

Located where you are

We have nitrogen plants surrounding key drilling areas

Flexible delivery options

Our large fleet of tankers enables timely delivery to customer yards and field sites or pick-up at our production facilities can be arranged

Unique mobile storage

Both queen and king- sized storage vessels (16,500 and 24,000 respectively) available on short or long-term basis

Dedicated sales and customer service team

Knowledgeable and responsive team to meet your unique timing and supply requirements

On-site job coordination

On-site coordinator maintains communication between you and Air Products during job execution to ensure timely deliveries and real-time adjustments to demand changes

Air Products services and supply will meet your well completions needs.

Contact our dedicated Oil Field Services team to schedule nitrogen supply and services.

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  • Strategically located industrial gas production facilities
  • Extensive fleet of tankers and portable storage units
  • Dedicated customer service
  • On-site job coordinator

APEX Temporary Gas Supply

For over 40 years, customers have relied on Air Products Express Services (APEX) for safe, reliable and fast emergency or temporary H₂, N₂, or O₂ gas supply. APEX Services can be used during plant turnarounds, or start-ups to maintain current operations or to bring the plant back on line quickly and safely. When a refinery’s regular gas supply source is unavailable or to supplement existing gas supply during periods of peak demand to boost profitability contact Air Products APEX Services.

National Coverage and Responsive Service for Unconventional Oil and Gas Well Completions

Fast, flexible supply to meet high-volume demand.

Contact our dedicated Oilfield Services team for a quote on nitrogen supply and services.

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Gas Supply Options

Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.


Utile comme gaz, pour ses propriétés inertes, et comme liquide pour le refroidissement et la surgélation. Pratiquement n'importe quelle industrie peut tirer parti de ses propriétés uniques pour améliorer les rendements, optimiser les performances et rendre les opérations plus sûres.

Approvisionnement en vrac

  Livré par camion et stocké sur votre site soit sous forme liquide dans des réservoirs cryogéniques, soit sous forme gazeuse dans des tubes haute pression, en fonction de votre volume, de la pression souhaitée, du niveau de pureté, du débit et du mode de fonctionnement.  

Génération sur site

La génération de gaz sur site aide les clients impliqués dans le développement durable à réduire leur empreinte carbone, à augmenter leur efficacité énergétique, à augmenter leur rendement, à améliorer la qualité du produit final et à améliorer leurs performances environnementales. 

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