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Ripening Solutions

Small proportions of ethylene for a natural and quick fruit ripening

Has your fruit arrived before being ripe? Do you wish to naturally speed up their ripening to allow them to arrive at an attractive maturation stage in the supermarket?

The ripening process (maturation) is triggered by the fruit’s natural production of ethylene which stimulates the fruit to mature. You can naturally accelerate this process by adding a controlled amount of ethylene mixed with nitrogen in the maturation chambers. Our experts can help you determine the quantity of gas to add depending on the fruit type, its variety and its current maturation state.

Why Treat your Fruit with our Mix of Nitrogen and Ethylene?


Accelerates the ripening so that the fruit reaches the supermarket counter in optimal condition (appearance and taste)


This process does not damage or alter the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit


This economic process can lead to reduced storage costs (less time in storage)

Ask the Expert

José Luis Calvo

Food Technology Expert, Spain

“Do gases have other positive effects on fruits after harvest?”

Yes. They can be used in different ways to optimise your fruit quality after harvest. Have a look at this short tutorial for more information.

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