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Persimmon Astringency Removal Solutions

Quick and natural quality enhancement treatment of your persimmons

Do you harvest your persimmons (kaki) early to ensure an optimal texture, and desire to tackle the feeling of astringency they may provide? Are you looking for an alternative to the long, and not totally homogeneous, ethanol-based treatment?

Whether you need to treat small or large quantities of fruit, our Freshline® persimmon astringency removal solutions will enable you to naturally and safely improve your product quality. Our automated CO₂ based treatments, occurring straight after harvest, consist of safely storing the fruit at a specific and constant high CO₂ atmosphere and precise temperature for 18 to 24 hours. This causes the tannins to react and become non-soluble. Below the limit of 1 mg/g of soluble tannins in the fruit, the perception of the astringency of the product is minimised, leading to an improved customer experience.

​Why Treat your Persimmons with our CO₂ Solutions?

Short Treatment Time

Maximum 24 hours vs. the 48 hours required by ethanol-based treatments

Improved Product Quality

Improved product texture, and the tannins are no longer palatable

Cost Effective

Competitive pricing and an automated process for optimised gas use


The treatment can be adapted based on the persimmon type or maturation levels


Automatic extraction of the CO₂ in the chamber if the door is accidentally opened and at the end of the treatment


The automated process is constantly monitored ensuring continuous optimal CO₂ levels

Wondering about Quality and Compliance?

We care deeply about safety and quality. Our gases and equipment comply with all relevant food legislation.


Freshline® Food Services

We don't just supply gases and equipment, we want to help you succeed every step of the way. This is why we also are world leaders in food industry innovation, run trials for you on-site or in one of our laboratories, offer consultancy including process evaluation and optimization, analytical services and training support.



Food gases can help you optimise your fruit quality and speed up or slow down their maturation for optimal distribution flexibility and a happy end user.


Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.

Dioxyde de carbone

Nos équipes d'applications expérimentées à travers le monde peuvent mettre à profit leur savoir-faire et leurs applications pour vous fournir une solution de fourniture de dioxyde de carbone comprimé ou liquide pour répondre à vos besoins spécifiques.

Approvisionnement en vrac

  Livré par camion et stocké sur votre site soit sous forme liquide dans des réservoirs cryogéniques, soit sous forme gazeuse dans des tubes haute pression, en fonction de votre volume, de la pression souhaitée, du niveau de pureté, du débit et du mode de fonctionnement.  

Solutions CryoEase®

Une solution pratique et économique pour les grandes opérations. Les réservoirs CryoEase® sont disponibles dans différentes tailles. Le service CryoEase® simplifie votre approvisionnement en gaz en vous évitant de manipuler des bouteilles, de faire l'inventaire et de commander.

Curious about our astringency removal solutions?

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