Safety is central to our company goal of being the safest, most diverse and most profitable industrial gas company in the world, providing excellent service to our customers. We also believe it's a moral obligation. We want our employees to return home to their families as safe and in the same condition as when they arrived for work.

Our beliefs about safety have been instituted since 1975 through our Total Safety Philosophy, which stresses that nothing is more important than safety, and that adherence to safety is a condition of employment.

Supporting this philosophy is Air Products' global EH&S Policy, which reinforces our commitment to being an industry leader in safety performance, continual improvement in safety with the goal of zero injuries or incidents, maintaining safe plants and products, managing safety risks, and publicly sharing our safety practices and results. Every employee is required to understand and adhere to our global EH&S policy.

Year-on-year, we strive to improve safety at all our sites to benefit our colleagues, customers, and the communities where we operate. Since 2014, we have improved our lost time injury rate by more than 71% and our recordable injury rate by 50%. Our 2020 goal to lead the industrial gas industry in safety helps drive our performance.

Safety Performance