Employee Health and Wellness

Air Products is committed to creating environments and driving behaviors that sustain the health, safety and wellness of our people.

Our Global Health and Wellness Team consists of medical professionals who work closely with our Human Resources (HR) and EH&S organizations to ensure our global standards comply with governmental regulations on a range of topics, such as blood-borne pathogens, medical records management, emergency response, fire brigade, and confined space entry rescue. In the event of a health crisis, such as a pandemic, Global Health and Wellness provides expert support to our Crisis Management Team. The team also manages an integrated travel medicine program for employees and family members traveling abroad, collaborating with Global Security to provide support and up-to-date information.

Employee health and wellness is further promoted through a variety of initiatives:

Dedicated onsite clinics: At several rural operational sites, and at other locations where the need has been identified, such as in remote areas with poor medical infrastructure, our team works with construction and operations teams to establish customized medical clinics.

Health assessments and campaigns: Health Hazard Assessments are required at all of our facilities. Our Global Health and Wellness Team provides assessments and health coaching for employees, including a program for our Air Products professional drivers. Every fall, influenza awareness campaigns are conducted globally, and employees are provided flu vaccines through their work sites.

Ergonomics: Our Ergonomic Wellness and Education (EWE) program is available to employees across the globe to proactively address any musculoskeletal aches and pains. They can consult with knowledgeable health professionals about their discomfort and learn strategies to manage it, speed the healing process, and prevent ongoing discomfort. We also have mandatory Office Ergonomic Training and risk assessment surveys that identify potential ergonomic issues.

Fitness facilities and programs: Air Products employees are encouraged to participate in fitness and exercise programs. In 2018, over 2,500 employees participated in the Virgin Pulse Global Corporate Challenge, a wellness program that involved regular daily exercise for 100 days and included sleep, nutrition, and stress management modules. The Company also supports fitness options, including walking paths, weight loss programs, and health topics in monthly safety meetings, as well as healthy lifestyle programs for diverse employee groups and worksites, including healthy food options and nutritional information.

Mental health: Air Products has Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that are available to employees and their dependents globally, with many services offered at no cost. EAPs assist with a variety of lifestyle management issues, such as relationships, family, finances, legal, stress, workplace conflicts and substance abuse. An internal course on stress management is available and can be taken optionally or where required by local legislation.