Volunteerism and Employee Engagement

Our company is committed to supporting the communities where our colleagues live and work.

Thousands of employees volunteer over hundreds of thousands of hours annually through company-sponsored “Day of Caring” programs or on their own. We celebrate our culture of volunteerism and employee engagement and it is a culture you won’t find everywhere.

Employees at all levels of the company, as well as an active corps of retirees, contribute their time and skills to help community organizations succeed. Air Products people serve children at risk, the homeless, schools, hospitals, recreation, the arts, and groups which celebrate the cultural diversity of the communities around the globe.

You will see us at work in excited students learning science in new ways, or at-risk youth finishing high school and going on to higher education. We are in community parks, schools, learning centers and arts facilities that enhance the fabric of our communities.

Air Products and STEM

Many of our employees directly support STEM-related activities in collaboration with educational facilities, schools, colleges, universities and community groups. By attracting people to STEM careers, we are helping to build future career paths and develop strong talent pools. 

Our STEM efforts target four major groups of people we are trying to reach, including students at varied grade levels, workers and communities. In 2018, we delivered about 200 STEM programs in the communities around the world where we have significant operations.

Our LIN Ambassador Program

At the center of our STEM activities for younger students is our LIN Ambassador Program. The Program is a way to bring an understanding of gas products to our communities. We offer free-of-charge classes to local schools, community groups and non-profit organizations to demonstrate the magic of science and engineering through a variety of fun experiments using liquid nitrogen. Trained Air Products employees volunteer their time, conducting more than 200 LIN demonstrations each year.

LIN Ambassadors

In 1996, the LIN Ambassador Program was expanded to Europe, where over 100,000 people participate every year in our STEM activities throughout local communities. Our Ambassadors have supported large STEM activities, including two Big Bang Fair events attended by 15,000 visitors. The participating students see a LIN demonstration, perform analysis on gases in food packaging, and learn about welding by experiencing a welding simulator. We also sponsored two additional Fairs attended by 95,000 people. In 2018, the LIN Ambassador Program was recognized at the UK Manufacturing Champion Awards.

The LIN Ambassador Program has been active in China since 2013. More than 3,000 students and teachers in over 50 local schools in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Tangshan and Nanjing have participated and benefited. The core team of Ambassadors consists of experts from the company's Asia Technology Center, doctorate degree holders who professionally conduct the LIN experiments. The program is customized with different experiments according to the students' ages and needs of the communities, and are run safety by employee volunteers. In 2018, the program was extended to Central and Western China.